Self made painter. Born on 20th February 1955 in Lugano (Switzerland). After graduation I got married and devoted to my family for 30 Years. In 2006 after several sad events that took place and destroyed and changed my life I decided to come to Spain. Since then I’m alone. I discovered quite by accident the art of painting in autumn 2008. My first paintings were executed in acrylic because I had no idea of how to go on with colors and brushes. I had to learn and experience everything from the very beginning. In early 2009 I had to return to Switzerland due to health problems.

The desire to grow artistically was so great that I wanted to start painting with oil paint.

A passion without which I could not live anymore !

Rare are the days where I do not paint. I often wonder what would have become of my life if I had not discovered this gift. My art has been classified as "hyper-realist" and after these few years I can say I found my own style. My wish is that my art will lead to the viewer joy and positivity as forwarded to me!



2009: one of my paintings has been awarded with the price “Insubria Arte & Gusto” .

2010-2011: several exhibitions in renowned restaurants in Milan.

2010-2011: one of my paintings was selected to participate in the „Premio internazionale d‘arte di Tokyo“. 5200 participating artist. After the first votes I entered in the first 300. After the final votes I ended between the first 20. I could exhibit my painting in a famous Art Gallery in Bruxelles.

From 12.3.2011 at 18.4.2011 I exposed 4 paintings at the „Berlin Kunstallee 2011“. These paintings were explicitly required by the Art gallery Marzia Frozen.

2011: One painting was in Palermo for „Arte in Passerella“

2012: Personal exhibition by Ristorante Noca in Lugano.

2012: Personal exhibition of 40 Paintings by ONC Lugano for 2 Months.

2014: group exhibition ALTEREGO GALLERY PONTE TRESA (CH)

- Marzo 2014, group exhibition ART EXPO presso la Galleria WeartGallery - Uboldo (VA)

- 15.3/28.3.2014 Small group exhibition (5 artists) c/o WeartGallery - Uboldo (VA)


Over 30 paintings are part of private collections.